Monday, 28 May 2012

And The Award Goes To

After castings calls, BAFTA* are often the next source of my frustration. I take out a lot on them. To be honest, I pretty much blame them for anything that goes wrong in my career. The fact that I've yet to be on TV (apart from my 2 seconds smiling and nodding next to someone else) is entirely their fault. The fact that I still haven't been in a film that doesn't involve a feckless student fumbling around with a third-rate camera is also their fault. And the fact that I still haven't won a bloody BAFTA? Most definitely their fault.

So, it was with gritted teeth and envious eyes that I watched the BAFTA TV awards last night. I mean, I say watched, but I actually switched on for the final hour. Thankfully I managed to catch both Emily Watson's and Dominic West's beautifully eloquent speeches and although I haven't yet seen Appropriate Adult, I couldn't agree more with their receiving of awards. This Is England '88 were also worthy winners as was Borgen, Stewart Lee, Rolf Harris, Monica Dolan and Steven Moffat. But then the downsides came along. Two massive downsides...

Firstly I can't do a blog about the BAFTAs without mentioning the thoroughly depressing award for 'Reality & Structured Factual.' It's such a heart-sinking title that has left my little ticker thrashing and flailing for air. BAFTA's mission statement on their website reads as:

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) supports, promotes and develops the art forms of the moving image - film, television and video games - by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the public.
As the leading charity in the UK supporting the art forms of the moving image, BAFTA ensures that the very best creative work can be accessed and appreciated by the public.

So how the heck does promoting utter dross such as Made In Chelsea help them do this? How on Earth does a show that follows the made up and inconsequential lives of a few fame hungry airheads in west London help promote art forms? I understand that these programmes are bafflingly popular but it's so distressing to see these shows being made and promoted when we're told that there's not enough money for well-made dramas and comedy to be produced. We are capable of producing such wonderful programmes in this country and it's very upsetting to see a show that promotes an image that you can only be viewed as successful if you prance about in Mahiki every night being recognised by an organisation that's supposed to support the arts.

And then we get onto my next gripe... the fact that not all the awards were aired. Now, I realise that it would take a long time to show all 27 awards being handed out but maybe, instead of encouraging those giving awards to indulge in the type of banter that makes your whole body cringe, they could dedicate that time to making sure that all awards are aired. But as it was, a number of awards including those for Best Single Drama, Best Comedy Series, Best Single Documentary and Best Current Affairs. Now what does that say to you about the world of television? What Dominic West said in his speech is true; television is an incredibly important resource in ensuring the world is educated. But BAFTA seem to think that constructed reality shows and the coverage of The Royal Wedding are far more important than programmes that uncover the truth about our care systems and wonderfully made dramas. That's the sorry state that television has got itself into and it's sad to see a company that is perceived as the one that upholds quality and important programming, is helping to TV on its downward spiral.

*BAFTA, if you're reading this, I will totally delete this blog if you finally come to your senses and hand over that award that I totally deserve...thanks...


  1. QUITE! Debbie Tucker Green's 'Random' should be lauded to the skies, rather than shoved at the back after the credits. Also, why do they force their award-givers to 'be funny'. It was genuinely awful and made my insides hurt. NO MORE 'FUNNYS'! MORE 'RANDOM'!

  2. You are not wrong sir, the utter tripe of reality TV in general is disheartening. See Jason Isaacs' Awake being cancelled after one season to make room for the Kasdashians. I hope they burn in the 11th circle of Hell.