Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day 2 - Have You Found One Yet?

Agents contacted: 10
Responses: 0

Much to my surprise, my determination to write to 5 agents has a day has already lasted 48 hours. This, for me, is a record. Previous resolutions have been been left, discarded, sometime around midday on New Years Day so to make it through to the second day is pretty damn impressive. I'd pat myself on the back if I'd kept up my Alexander Technique classes.

The problem is now that people are starting to ask how I'm getting on in my hunt for an agent, even those who don't know about my blog. Upon entering work yesterday I was immediately faced with the question:

"Have you found yourself an agent yet?"

If I wasn't in such desperate need of this job at the moment all Hell would've broken loose and little Hell-Beings would still be scuttling around London. But, as usual with these things, a good strong case of tongue biting must be employed and I kindly explained that it's not as easy as just finding a new one.

"I thought finding an agent would be really easy."

Not as bloody easy as drowning your colleague in a water cooler and destroying the evidence in the recycling bin. I bit my tongue again (I bite my tongue so much that my vocal quality on Spotlight is now described as 'The Elephant Man') and explained again that no, it's not that easy. She made a noise that suggested she wasn't convinced. I made a noise that suggested I'd colour in her spleen with a highlighter and the matter was left. For now. But I know the question will return. And my highlighter and I are ready...


  1. 5 a day is pretty ambitious when you're personalising every letter. Why not try 3? If I can do it (to CDs and Directors), anyone can...even after supping pale ales and a couple of Stellas.

    Best of British. x
    Twit: @corriecampaign