Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Crow Must Go On

In today’s Guardian, Carey Mulligan revealed how she started to get acting work after Julian Fellowes visited her school. She wrote to him, he invited her to a meeting at a fancy restaurant and then she finds herself in Pride and Prejudice.

Julian Fellowes never came to my school. In fact, very few people came to our school. Probably because our school, although lovely on the outside, was filled with a fair few wronguns. Y’see, Carey Mulligan went to a private school and I went to a state school. The debate on education and schooling is very much for another day. Nor is this a comment on Carey Mulligan. I happen to think she’s a damn good actor so, Fellowes or not, she’d probably have done good anyway. Instead, I want to imagine what’d happen if the one of the very few visitors we had to our school had helped me with my career…

Dear Mr Crow Man (sorry I don’t know your real name)

Thank you for coming in to school today to show us your pet crow. I had no idea people could keep pets as crows. But then I also didn’t think a student would be as stupid to attempt to take ninja stars on a school trip. Seems you can be wrong about many things.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing is that I want to be an actor when I’m older and I thought maybe you could help me?


Miss L

Dear Miss L

Do you want to see my crow?

The Crow Man

Dear The Crow Man

Miss L

Dear The Crow Man

Remember me? I'm the one who contacted you about 20 years ago asking if you could possibly help me with my acting career. Of course, if I'd known back then that your crow was a direct descendant of one of the crows in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds then maybe I might have been a bit more open to your offer. But I was young and naive then and didn't realise that putting yourself in personal danger was fine if it helps further your career.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that you did actually help me with my dreams to become an actress. Y'see, after you replied to me, I realised that no one was going to hand me my career on a plate. So I saved up and worked really hard and got myself into a drama school. 

Also, you made me realise that anything's possible. If a man can make a career out of showing his pet crow in a school then I could definitely have a go at being an actor. It's been really difficult and I'm broke most of the time. But I'm really happy and I hope you and your feathered friend are too. 

Thanks for all your help. Apparently our school nearly booked some guy called Julian Fellowes instead of you but they didn't believe anyone could possibly make a career out of writing so they presumed he was a hoax. I'm glad they chose you.

Many thanks

Miss L

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  1. That Guardian article failed to mention the fact that Mulligan still had to audition for the P&P role multiple times. The P&P people didn't just give it to her.