Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Handy Guide for Filmmakers


  1. Films such as The Shawshank Redemption; Lord of the Flies; Reservoir Dogs; The Great Escape, all box office successes and all made without swapping male roles for female ones and with a dearth of female characters. Equality of input doesn't necessarily mean quality of outcome - the reverse however is demonstrably true ( see above examples) I would argue that a film which ticks all the equality/sexism boxes doesn't automatically make it a good film and if films had to follow a set blue-print they could ultimately be poorer for it and creativity would be stifled.

  2. Of course. What I've written is very simplistic and is intended, 1) as a bit of fun and 2) to get people thinking about the choices they have when writing/making. We'd miss out on a lot of wonderful films if we insisted that all films had equal numbers of men and women but, with the way things are, we're also missing out on a great deal of potential.

    Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

  3. Anon, your examples are good examples of how come we are in this patriarchal mess in the first place. They each depict abuse of power.