Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No pay but...

It’s been a bleak few months for actors and their earnings. Casting website, CastingCallPro, recently surveyed its members and of the 1,700 that responded, a whopping 46% said they earned less than £1,000 a year from acting work. Equity ran a similar survey and found that around half of their members were earning less than £5,000 a year from professional work. As an actor who very much falls within that category and is extremely reliant on ‘resting’ work, it makes for grim reading.

I could write a whole blog on the problem but sometimes that’s not what we need. So, in an attempt to help cheer us penniless thesps up a bit, here’s a look at some of the ridiculous payment terms I’ve seen in genuine casting calls, most of which come from sites that require you to be a paying member to apply…

Salary: A lovely time.

I can’t afford to pay anyone. I will, however, buy you a Subway sandwich.

Since it’s low budget, I can’t pay you. I can however bribe you with Instagram worthy food.

Payment: petrol voucher.

We can’t provide any expenses or refreshments but the venue has an awesome menu.

No pay but I will write a blog post about you.

No pay but I’ll put the completed film on VHS cassette for you.

No pay but, for this project, name your sandwich because it’s on me.

No pay but you will receive compliments.

Unpaid but you’ll get to take home a small bag of coffee.

Unpaid but you will get a raffle ticket.

You will be paid in love, glory and possibly a pizza of your choice.

Payment: kiss on the cheek.

And a genuinely wonderful one…

Payment: bottle of gin, travel card, £20.  

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  1. Hey Miss L,

    I don’t know how to get in touch with you regarding Casting Call Woes I think you should check out, so I thought I’d leave a comment here in that this particular job is ‘low paid’.
    The original casting on Mandy is for a KISSING PRINCESS in a music video.
    At first I thought… okay… ill apply anyway and then it turns out that the musician has been trying to cast this role for months, filmed a 10 minute YouTube message to the girl that backed out, that’s also serves as a warning for those thinking of applying
    AND the actual song is horrific!
    not to mention it’s only has 830 views in the last year and a half (no thumbs up) which means you will film this passionate kissing scene with him for hours and hours and he will be the only one to watch it… probably in his room…alone…