Friday, 18 November 2011

Operation Excellent

Many years from now, when I finally give in and answer everyone's prayers and release my autobiography, yesterday will go down as The Day. I mean, for various lovely reasons, 2011 may well have been my best year yet and there are moments that top yesterday. But in terms of acting it will be bloody hard to beat. It was particularly fulfilling if you like your days loaded with artistical wonderments but it was still bloody special do read on....

I shot the advert I got yesterday and although I was ridiculously excited about getting the role and being paid handsomely for a day's work, I hadn't really given the shoot much thought. I imagined it would be a nice day and when I received the call sheet, I glanced over it to see who I'd be working alongside. My attention was first grabbed as I excitedly told T I'd be working with someone he knew. But my high-pitched chattering meant I missed the truly exciting bit...the main actor was a comedy actor hero old mine and I was only bloody listed alongside him as one of the principal artists. Much skipping around the room commenced as a childhood dream would be finally fulfilled. I often think about what it would be like up go back ten years and frighten the 17 year old me with what I'd end up doing. I'd have been horrified to learn that I'd readily put myself for all manner of work but working with that actor who featured in pretty much every comedy show I held dear?! Wow. I'm also pleased to announce that he was bloody lovely and debunked the myth that you should never meet your heroes.

But don't worry. While I did have the most excellently great day, it wasn't all perfect. The day started badly with my journey there. Being picked up abs driven to the shoot is damn lovely but at 6.30am with a driver who clearly has no idea where he's going and it's not so fun. I realised something was up when we seemed to be near the venue and the driver started to slowly cruise alongside every large looking building. After the fifth time of him asking me I'd I knew where we were going and me telling him I didn't, he finally gave in and sought help. Thirty minutes we drifted around the vicinity, somehow managing to miss the location each time.

Finally we arrived and after a quick chance to pick up some breakfast, I was whisked away to costume and make up. Dressed in the most unflattering, hot costume, we headed on to set and much fun was had by all. The crew were all amazing and the feeling on set was joyous. That was until, after about an hour of pronouncing my name correctly, the director suddenly started saying it differently. I didn't get a chance to correct him the first time it happened and anyway, what's the etiquette during this? He's busy trying to get a complicated shoot finished so should j really be bothering him with the phonetics of my name? Or should I have more self-worth and demand that until he gets it right, I'll be refusing to carry on? Of course, I went with the former and suffered the slightly awkward moments each time he spoke to me.

Today is a lovely crash back down to unpaid earth as I'm back on the web shoot. Lovely day so far but there's no heroes in sight, I've been here three hours and so far only my shoulder has been shot and yet again there's no food. But still, their pronunciation of my name is spot on.

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