Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Whatever The Weather

Sometimes I appear to conspire against myself. Other times the outside world is completely against me. Some days, however, myself and the outside world like to club together and see just how difficult we can make things.

Today I had a meeting with an agent regarding potential representation. They'd sought me out so I was feeling particularly special and was massively excited about meeting them. I left the house this morning feeling pretty smug because I'd seen Twitter and everyone was saying how cold it was so I knew I had to wrap up warm. Apart from lacking a hat (don't want to go meeting an agent with 'hat hair') I was wearing the full works. If anything, I was a little warm when I stepped out of the house. As I skipped up the street, I noticed a few little snowflakes starting to flutter down. Hmmm. That was expected. But they were light and I was about to get on a bus and then straight on to a tube. By the time I got out on the other side they'd be as distant a memory as Keenan and Kel.

So, imagine my surprise when I step out of the tube station to find that first the snow has got heavier than ever and then, 30 seconds later, the snow turns to hail. A little annoying to say the least but no matter, at least I've got my umbre....hang on, where is it? Suddenly a slow motion flashback plays in my increasingly wet head as I watch myself putting my umbrella in a different bag. That different bag is all the way back in North London on my bed. So, all I have now to protect my now ruined hair (which was cut and wonderfully styled yesterday, of course) is my folder that is now clearly struggling to keep my CV and headshots dry. Do I succumb to the weather and just allow my hair to fulfil its destiny and finally become the ratty mophead that it wants to be or do I potentially ruin my CV and headshots which may be asked for in a few minutes time? Let's just say that I'm eternally thankful that they'd printed out my Spotlight CV and therefore needed nothing from me...

Normally I'd go on to write about how I managed to royally screw up the meeting but I'm surprised to say that it was all very lovely and it's very likely that I'll be a represented actress in the next few days. Unless, of course, they ask for me to send my CV and headshot in the post. In which case, normal woefully clumsy service will resume shortly.


  1. Congratulations, or is that too soon to say?

  2. Thank you! Hopefully not too soon to say!

  3. Interestingly I was offered representation today so it would be interesting if it proved to be the same agency.