Friday, 23 September 2011

An apology

It has been brought to my attention that yesterday's entry was uncharacteristically cheerful. In just a handful of posts, I've somehow managed to portray myself as the Eyeore of the acting world. The little fog of gloom that permeates all spaces that I dare to enter. So, to rectify this (and because I don't really have much else that I'd like to blog about) here are the downsides to my bloody amazing day yesterday...,

1. False eyelashes are uncomfortable for about 5 minutes.

2. Red lipstick makes an open mouth look terrifying on camera.

3. Cheese and onion crisps are not a good idea on set.

4. One toilet between 12 people is inconvenient.

5. I look like a fool in stripy tights.

6. It was really sunny yesterday and I was trapped indoors for 8 hours.

7. Although I love James Blake, trying to be an excitable elf with him playing in the background is really hard work and makes me call on acting skills I'm not sure I possess.

8. The term 'no flash' becomes tedious after 30 minutes.

9. There are a frustrating lack of elf puns.

10. Grapes are addictive to the point if being socially unacceptable.

I do hope this goes some way to readdressing the balance. Apologies to all offended and please check back soon for more doom, gloom and general dismay.

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