Thursday, 22 September 2011

S-elfish Behaviour

Today's entry comes live from a photo shoot. And this isn't just any photo shoot (that may or not be a massive decide...)

Today Christmas has come early as I'm spending today dressed as an elf for a certain store's certain Christmas campaign. As I write this I'm sat in felt, bell-tipped boots, stripy tights, a felt tunic and the most amazing hat (complete with ears) this side of Jesus' supposed big day. We've all been given elfish characters like cheeky, cute, geeky. Well, all except me. I appear to be porn star elf. I have eyelashes that are more fake than plastic surgery and longer than Lost on repeat and my lips are redder than Little's riding hood. 'Sultry' isn't a look I get to entertain very often so I'm rather enjoying this erotic, if a little festive, experience.

My entrance into the studio started in true Miss L fashion where managed to somehow knock one of the perfectly set lights with my stupid clumsy head. I've also ruined my immaculately painted lips on various occasions due to the frightening amount of sweets and biscuits on offer and I was seconds away from cascading down a step ladder after losing my point shoe while trying to gracefully disembark a 7 foot tall box. Someone teach me the art of not disgracing myself on a daily basis. Please.

But what a damn good day it has been. The four other actors I'm working with are the loveliest I think I've ever worked with and the crew have been incredible. A lot of laughs have been had, much tea has been drunk and I think we've exhausted every 'elf' pun that could ever be. We've been ridiculously well looked after and we've received more thanks than the average Oscar speech.

So big thanks to the job Gods. This wasn't just any day's work....

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